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Alex Michelin
: 29
Company: Finchatton

Finchatton properties are statements of wealth: if Ferrari made apartments it’d make them like Finchatton does. From bullet-proof glass to wireless networked sound systems, every property incorporates the latest technology and designs. Having worked in mergers and acquisitions for HSBC and a VC fund for start-ups, Michelin and co-founder Andrew Dunn raised £3m in private equity and started work on his first property in 2002. With developments ranging from £3 to £8m and the banks happy to provide up to 70% finance, turnover will hit £15m this year with profits of 15% to 25% per property. Future plans include overseas developments and a New York-style luxury serviced apartment block in London.

2017 update:

Michelin remains at Finchatton which has seen steady growth over the last 12 years, managing and financing over 60 development projects around the world and completing over 75 private commissions. In 2013, the company was appointed development coordinator for the redevelopment of the former US Naval Headquarters at 20 Grosvenor Square. The project is due for completion in early 2018. In 2016, Finchatton teamed up with former head of product at Wonga, Uma Rajah, to launch CapitalRise – a real estate crowdfunding platform

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