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Alicia Navarro, 33
Company: Skimlinks

Alicia Navarro launched her business in 2008 in Australia, before heading to Europe, adapting the model and starting to crack the London market. As one of a small number of female technology entrepreneurs in the UK she emmersed hersef in the world of technology start-ups before forming Skimlinks as a standalone platform to help other businesses monetise their editorial content. She also secrured $2m in investment for the company, which aggregates and atomates the process of creating affiliate links, transforming affiliate marketing into a mainstream revenue model for publishers. Navarro is now in San Francisco setting up shop in Silicon Valley.

2012 update: Skimlinks now has 50 employees based in both London and San Francisco. With funding totalling £5m, Skimlinks is now a comprehensive content monetization platform, helping blogs, forums, content networks, newspapers, apps and start-ups monetize their content. Over £145m worth of transactions have gone through Skimlink’s platform in the last 12 months.

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