Andrew Jervis and Felix Kenton: ClickMechanic

This online marketplace for mechanics is dedicated to creating more trust and transparency in the industry and helping you get your car fixed at a fair price

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Andrew Jervis, 33 and Felix Kenton, 29
Company: ClickMechanic

It’s a nightmare you’ve almost certainly experienced at some point. And if you haven’t, you’ve probably been bored by the story of someone who has.

Finding a reliable mechanic is right up there in the list of life’s biggest hassles. But with a minority of sharks and hustlers lying in wait, how can we find someone who’s actually reliable?

Well that’s a problem ClickMechanic is solving through its double-sided online marketplace, which locates and provides quotes from vetted auto-repair shops.

The company has built an impressive reputation over the past six years under the leadership of Andrew Jervis and Felix Kenton, who were named among our ‘Five to Watch’ at last year’s Young Guns ceremony. Their website and app provide an end-to-end booking process linking UK car owners with independent mechanics and garages, and the founders says its essential attributes are “convenience, simplicity and reliability”.

Having started out with little more than a £100 AdWords voucher, ClickMechanic has grown rapidly thanks to its lean methodology and transparent service. Funding has since been proffered by a range of prominent investors including Forward Partners, Entrepreneur First and the former CEO of JustEat.

Over the next 12 months, Jervis and Kenton say they’ll be focusing on going international, as well as moving into the connected car space – building an app to sync with the dongles which can be plugged into car dashboards and search for faults with the vehicle’s management system.

Through the app, ClickMechanic will be able to send an automatic quote for any errors discovered, further reducing the hassle of hiring a mechanic.

Ultimately, the founders say they want to become the world’s most trusted resource for car repairs. It’s a daunting challenge, but one whose accomplishment will be welcomed by cynical motorists all over the planet.

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