Barney Cook: Eversmart Energy

The green energy company using leading-edge technology to disrupt the Big Six and transfer power back to the customers

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Barney Cook, 30
Company: Eversmart Energy

Three years on from its foundation, Eversmart Energy appears to be running on rocket fuel.

The Manchester-based company, which harnesses leading-edge technologies to provide low-cost gas and electricity, is adding up to 7,000 new homes every week and founder Barney Cook is targeting a quarter of a million customers by the end of the year.

Eversmart’s headquarters lie in the shadow of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium, a venue synonymous with sporting dominance. But Cook prefers to play the underdog, using smart energy to knock the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers off their perch.

Every customer’s property is fitted with a smart meter, allowing customers to see their usage in near-real time. Now Eversmart are planning to provide solar and battery packs, so customers can store energy for the colder months.

Cook’s mission is to empower his customers and, to this end, he has prioritised top-class customer service. Eversmart’s website proudly claims that “a good supplier is one you shouldn’t have to call” and its suite of contact options includes an instant messaging service as well as Facebook and Twitter pages, and even an app on Telegram.

Cook and his team have just taken an additional 2,000 sq ft of office space to aid their rapid growth, creating a total of 9,000 sq ft of storage and administrative capacity. The staff will have ticked up to 100 people by the end of the year, and although the business is self-funded to date, Cook is eyeing external finance as he bids to sustain Eversmart’s remarkable growth rate.

The target is clear: Cook says that “every single home is a potential customer.” He might struggle to achieve this daunting objective, but he’s made a pretty good start.

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