Cassandra Stavrou and Ryan Kohn: PROPERCORN

The duo successfully breaking into the congested snack foods market with “popcorn done properly”

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Cassandra Stavrou and Ryan Kohn, both 30

Also listed on this year’s Startups 100 index, Cassandra Stavrou and Ryan Kohn’s PROPERCORN has achieved the impressive feat of breaking into the difficult snack foods industry with a simple proposition – “popcorn done properly”. Their gluten free, low calorie and 100% natural popcorn claims to offer a genuinely healthy snack without the trade-off of bland taste, and it’s clear customers agree – the duo have grown PROPERCORN into a booming business with £2m turnover in the space of just a few years.

Now with more than 6,000 stockists including high-end retail giant Waitrose, PROPERCORN sells over 1.5 million packets of their popcorn a month with five flavours and two size options currently on offer. On top of their UK success, the brand has already started exporting into Benelux, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland, with more countries on the horizon. Confidently predicting a hugely impressive £7m turnover for 2014, Stavrou and Kohn plan to launch new flavours and reach more distributors in the UK this year as their proposition continues to gather momentum.

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