Nick Mordin: 24-7 Parking

Focus: Car parking reseller

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Nick Mordin
: 25
Company: 24-7 Parking

Mordin is already a serial entrepreneur. He'd started a business at school and sold it by the time he studied banking finance at university. In 2002 he founded 24-7 Parking, taking prime location parking spaces from hotels, supermarkets and private owners, and reselling them to commuters. Accepting online and even mobile bookings, Mordin is taking the model to the rest of the UK and international markets. Turnover this year is £2.5m. Mordin is also busying himself as vice president of private equity firm Oakwood and researching a mobile casino idea. Last year, he sold 250,000 packs of Saddam Hussein playing cards in one month and says he'll continue to respond to market demand.


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