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Sheldon Kaye
: 35
Company: Eurosimm Ltd

Countless companies have made quick fortunes only to be caught out by the rapidly changing IT sector during Eurosimm’s nine-year existence. After starting out selling memory solutions to trade, Kaye and co-founder Richard Harris have become adept entrepreneurial chameleons constantly realigning themselves with their customers’ demands and now supply complete IT solutions. Experimentation with the internet led to the discovery of a rampant customer base, swelling turnover which is set to reach £30m this year. Even now, Kaye is eying change, poised to rebrand the consumer side into a network of 1,000 sites each operating under the ‘Think4’ banner followed by a brand or product type.

2017 update:

Kaye oversaw the growth of Eurosimm from a two-man team to a 45-strong operation with £38m in turnover before completing a management buyout in 2009. He remained as a business consultant until 2013 before leaving the firm to continue its success under new ownership. Since June 2014, he has been sales director of IT Parts & Spares Ltd, managing stock purchases and overseeing sales strategy. At the same time he has also overseen sales and marketing at Virtual Training Centre Ltd.

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