How to start a car valeting business

If you’re passionate about cars, have strong attention to detail and excellent customer service skills, a car valet business could be for you…

Starting a car valet business: Tips and useful contacts

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Tips and useful contacts


  • To succeed in car valeting, a passion for cars is a must, as well as an eye for detail excellent customer service skills
  • The industry relies heavily on word of mouth – carry out consistently high quality work to build your reputation
  • A priority before you start your business: Contact your local water company about trade effluent and what this will mean for your business
  • Get the best tools for your budget, not the most expensive or the cheapest on offer – Don’t dismiss second hand equipment.
  • You’ll need to be active to get the word out about your business, use leafleting and drop door marketing to raise your profile in the local area.

Useful contacts


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