Van price guide: How much commercial vehicles cost

Unsure which van would suit your business? Read our guide to the different van sizes and their prices

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These are the smallest and least expensive vans on the road that are widely used by small businesses. The Piaggio Porter is an example of one such basic microvan. It is advertised as having maximum load space for minimum carbon footprint. These vans are ideal or carrying tall but not too heavy goods and are particularly popular with florists. Prices for new vehicles start at about £6,495.

Car-derived vans

Usually these are standard passenger cars with a load area instead of rear seats and solid panelling instead of side windows. Such vans usually deliver good fuel economy and are suitable for driving in town, on motorways or in the country. The Peugeot Bipper is an example of this type of van, which has low emissions and is good for deliveries. Prices for new vehicles start at £9,000.


Such vans are normally 4×4 vehicles, with a small cabin, open body and low sides. The Ford Ranger is a mid-sized pick-up with a practical yet comfortable interior. For a new vehicle prices start at about £15,400.

Panel vans

These vans are based on a family car chassis, with a rigid body and without rear side windows. They are smaller than lorries or trucks but are the largest-size van. The Ford Transit Leader 260 SWB LR is heavy on safety features but light on luxury. As they are possible to buy for less than £12,000, they are popular with small businesses.

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