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Best waste management companies

If you’re looking for ways to best manage your business’ waste, read our guide that profiles some of the top waste management companies

6 of the best waste management companies are:

So you want to find a new commercial waste provider – what’s next? With a range of companies to choose from, it’s important to spend time comparing the offerings from a number of providers, allowing you to find the provider that’s the best fit for your startup.

Whether you’re finding a supplier for the first time, or you’re looking to switch, we’ll help you to understand what to look for when choosing between commercial waste companies. But what are the best waste management companies for small business? And how can you choose between them?

We’ll provide you the information you need to know, including a comparison of some of the top providers out there, and more — all with the aim of helping you compare the options available to you.

Read the whole article for a complete overview of the best waste management companies, and you can click the links to find out more about each provider.

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The 3 best waste management companies at a glance:

Company Best for Price range
Biffa Best for coverage Contact provider
CheaperWaste Best for quick set-up Contact provider
Enviro Waste Best for eco-friendly waste disposal Starting from £97+VAT

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CheaperWaste: Best for quick set-up


From its base in Newcastle, CheaperWaste offers waste collection services across the nation, regardless of where your business is based. In addition to its waste collection services, CheaperWaste is also a waste broker.

Offering account set-up via phone and email in minutes and bin delivery taking five-seven working days, your business waste service can be arranged quickly.

CheaperWaste can collect multiple types of waste, so you can use the same provider for your different types of commercial waste. For example, it can collect both general and recyclable waste, as well as clinical and hazardous waste. Glass waste collection is possible too, which is ideal if you run a bar. Skip hire is available too – essential for a construction company. Secure shredding of documents is also offered.

Plus, bins can be collected every day, week, fortnight, or month (depending on the waste stream).

Bins are available in the following sizes: 120 litres (l), 240l, 360l, 660l, and 1,100l. The option to have a 120l bin gives you a wider choice, as bins tend to only be available in bigger sizes.

CheaperWaste pros and cons

Pros Cons
  1. Quick account set-up process
  2. Service available nationally
  3. Multiple waste types can be collected, e.g. general, recycling and hazardous waste
  4. 120l bin size available
  1. Slow customer service response times
  2. No live chat website function to communicate with customer service or sales

How much does CheaperWaste cost?

Contact provider

Who is CheaperWaste best for?

CheaperWaste is best for quick set-up, as it’s possible to organise via phone and email. So if you’re a small business owner with limited time, CheaperWaste could be the ideal supplier for your commercial waste.

Biffa: Best for coverage


Collecting 250,000 bins a week and 2.1 million tonnes of waste a year, Biffa offers multiple waste disposal services.

These include general and unplanned waste removal, as well as recycling services of both dry mixed and single stream items (for high quantities of one type of recyclable material, such as cardboard). Food waste disposal is also available – ideal if you’re a restaurant owner, for example.

Biffa offers a range of bins, including both standard and large wheelie bins, as well as plastic bags and skip hire. More specialist waste holders (such as containers, drums, pipes and safes) are also available.

Biffa provides services across a number of sectors, including construction, hospitality and retail, as well as the public sector.

With the possibility of contacting customer service via phone, plus the option to manage your account online, it’s quick and easy to get in touch about your account or services.

Biffa pros and cons

Pros Cons
  1. National waste collection services
  2. Online account management
  3. Range of waste types and bins available
  4. Established business with industry expertise
  1. Smaller startups could feel lost in such a big business

How much does Biffa cost?

Contact provider

Who is Biffa best for?

Biffa is the best for coverage – its services are available in 95% of postcodes, and across 49 counties. Plus, it has more than 100 depot locations, making Biffa ideal for small businesses that require multi-site collections.

However, recycling collection isn’t available as a standalone service – you must have a regular waste collection service, too.

Enviro Waste: Best for eco-friendly waste disposal

enviro waste

Enviro Waste offers waste collection services across the capital from its east London base, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for commercial waste collection in London.

It provides both commercial and construction waste services, with commercial collections including services for hotels, offices and warehouses. Skip hire services are also available. One-off collection services are measured by truck capacity, measured in cubic yards.

Enviro Waste pros and cons

Pros Cons
  1. Environmentally-friendly waste disposal
  2. Charitable activities
  3. London-wide waste collection services
  4. Customer service
  1. Collection services are only available in London
  2. An ongoing bin service isn’t available

How much does Enviro Waste cost?

Starting from £97+VAT

Who is Enviro Waste best for?

Enviro Waste is best for eco-friendly waste disposal – the company aims to the company aims to recycle 92% of the waste it collects, and to plant a tree as a donation for each clearance it oversees. It’s already planted more than 4,300 trees in partnership with the Woodland Trust.

Enviro Fund refers to the company’s charitable activities, which also include working with the British Heart Foundation and the Brixton Soup Kitchen, donating items from waste clearances.

Keenan Recycling: Best for waste collection in Scotland

keenan recycling

If you’re looking for waste management companies in Scotland and your business produces food and/or garden waste, Keenan Recycling could be ideal.

Established in 2001, Keenan Recycling offers chipping, composting, recycling, screening and shredding services, all specifically for food and garden waste.

It operates services seven days a week across both urban and rural locations.

Waste is recycled, and becomes either green energy or premium grade (BSI PAS100) compost.

Keenan Recycling pros and cons

Pros Cons
  1. Ideal for food-based businesses
  2. Services across Scotland
  3. Waste is recycled
  4. Bins are included
  1. Not a nationwide service
  2. Non-food or garden waste can only be collected through partner waste companies

How much does Keenan Recycling cost?

Contact provider

Who is Keenan Recycling best for?

Keenan Recycling is best for waste collection in Scotland because it operates services specifically across Scotland.

However, as Keenan Recycling is a specialist service – it only operates in Scotland, with a focus on food and garden waste – it’s not suitable for all businesses. Other types of waste collection are possible, although these are arranged through partner waste companies.

Veolia: Best for cafe waste collection


Veolia is a French company with international locations, including more than 85,000 customers across the UK. It has won a number of awards in the past 10 years.

Covering a variety of sectors – including transport, leisure and education – Veolia offers waste collection services for the disposal of general waste, as well as food and glass waste. As part of its service, your commercial waste needs will be audited to find the right waste solutions for your business.

Veolia has a network of collection, recycling and treatment facilities across the country. It has a focus on recycling and green technology, intending to invest £1 bn by 2022.

Veolia pros and cons

Pros Cons
  1. Services available across the UK
  2. International company
  3. Focused recycling and green technology
  4. Coffee cup recycling service available
  1. Customers can contact it via an online form only
  2. Nationwide services may not be ideal for businesses in search of a waste collection provider with local knowledge

How much does Veolia cost?

Contact provider

Who is Veolia best for?

Veolia is best for cafe waste collection, largely thanks to its coffee cup recycling service. This bespoke service offers a system of bins and processes to recycle disposable paper cups that isn’t widely available.

However, as it’s such a big company, the nationwide services Veolia offers may not be ideal for small business owners who are looking for a waste collection provider with specific knowledge of their area or industry.

Business Waste: Best for customer service

From its offices across Yorkshire and in Chesterfield, Business Waste provides multiple commercial waste disposal services throughout the UK.

This includes management, collections and recycling, with the aim of 0% landfill. It can collect a range of different types of commercial waste.

Wheelie bins are available in a variety of sizes, from 120 litres through to 1100 litre bins. Rear and front end loaders, roll on/off bins and skips, as well as waste bags and compaction, are also all available.

Business Waste offers an audit, a bin and advice, all for free. Plus, customers have an account manager to handle their account. It’s possible to contact Business Waste 24/7 via phone.

Business Waste pros and cons

Pros Cons
  1. A bin and advice are offered for free
  2. Phone lines are open 24/7
  3. Services are available across the UK
  4. Offers waste management and disposal services, as well as recycling
  1. It doesn’t specialise in a particular area as it’s a nationwide service
  2. The waste bags are only available in one size

How much does Business Waste cost?

Contact provider

Who is Business Waste best for?

Business Waste is best for customer service because it can be reached 24/7 and it provides several items for free.

Tips for choosing the right waste management company for you

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing between waste disposal companies, including:

  • Area covered – does your business require a national or local service?
  • Collection frequency – do you need a one-off, or ongoing, collection service?
  • Specialist service – are you disposing of specialist items, such as hazardous or builders waste?
  • Disposal methods – will your commercial waste go to landfill, or can it be recycled?
  • Price point – how much will it cost to receive the service your business needs? For more detailed information, read our page on waste disposal prices

Next steps: Compare waste management companies

From reading our guide to the best waste management companies, you’ve learned more about some of the top providers out there, including which features makes a company stand out, and how to choose the best provider for your business.

Next, compare quotes for commercial waste management by filling in the form at the top of the page.

Best waste management companies: The FAQs

Here we outline and answer some of the most pressing concerns that you may have as a small business owner trying to choose between waste disposal companies.

1. Commercial waste collection in London: What do you need to know?

Disposing of commercial waste in the capital is similar to other parts of the country, although there are some key differences to consider. These include:

  • If the disposal team have to drive through the centre of London, is the congestion charge included in the price, or is it charged as extra? Assess this when working out costs.
  • Does the potential provider collect waste in the specific post code(s) your business is located in? Check to ensure your area is covered.
  • Is the service only available in London, or does the company cover other parts of the UK too? This is useful to know if you have plans for expansion, or multiple sites.

2. Commercial waste collection in Birmingham: What do you need to know?

With the biggest local authority in the UK, it’s possible to use the City Council waste collection service. There are many private specialist commercial waste companies with services in Birmingham, as well as across the region, too.

3. Commercial waste collection in Manchester: What do you need to know?

In Manchester, commercial waste can also be disposed of via either the local council’s service, or from one of many private providers. Plus, some providers offer services throughout the wider north-west region as well.

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