London’s best membership clubs for entrepreneur networking

Growing your contact and business support network can be a propeller for growing your enterprise. These are the best membership clubs in London to do that.

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A successful entrepreneur is, undoubtedly, characterised by their business genius. What else makes an outstanding founder? The strength of their professional community. Whether it is reaching out to contacts forinspiration, advice or deals, the world of business would not be the same without networking.

As a global financial epicentre, London is the place to be when it comes to networking. To help you find all the right spots to grow your business network and source coworking spaces, we’ve gathered a list of the top eight private members clubs to apply for.

Home Grown Club

Best for: Networking with potential investors
Membership Cost:£166.67 per month plus £399 joining fee
Location: Marylebone, W1H 7BS

The Home Grown Club stands as London’s leading business club, offering a dynamic platform tailored to the needs of entrepreneurial pioneers seeking to maximise their business potential.

One of the club’s key strengths lies in its expansive network of investors. From crowdfunding to venture capitalists, angel investors, and even hedge funds, Home Grown bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and the financial support they require. The club regularly hosts pitching events, such as the renowned Crocodile Lair, held in partnership with SFC Capital, creating an ideal setting for entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures and secure vital investment. Beyond pitch sessions, members benefit from partner events and exclusive investor dinners, facilitating meaningful connections with potential backers.

Home Grown also fosters a vibrant ecosystem of business experts who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs scale their ventures. Through structured networking events and mentorship opportunities, members can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Soho House

Best for: workspaces for entrepreneurs
Membership Cost: £200 per month
Location: Multiple across London

Soho House, renowned for its exclusive membership, has carved out a distinct niche for entrepreneurs with its Soho Works membership, making it an exceptional networking club and workspace hub for business professionals. Soho Works is tailor-made for micro-businesses and creative thinkers, providing spaces to work productively with your team whilst being surrounded by others deeply entrenched in the business world. The best part is that Soho House has an inclusive policy—you don’t have to be a Soho House member to join Soho Works.

Soho Works provides different tiers of access to cater to individual needs. The Lounge membership, for instance, grants entrepreneurs hot-desk access to any Soho Works lounge space, along with the privilege of utilising private event spaces and enjoying a curated monthly calendar of events. For those seeking more privacy and space for their team, the Office membership offers private workspaces within the Soho Works ecosystem.

Soho House offers a multitude of networking events that facilitate meaningful connections among its members. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, collaboration, or mentorship, Soho House is a hub where entrepreneurs can thrive, making it an exemplary choice for those looking to combine workspace and networking opportunities seamlessly.

Home House

Best for: speedy networking
Membership Cost: £187.5 per month plus £399 joining fee
Location: 20 Portman Square, W1H 6LW

Home House offers a unique blend of sophistication and rapid networking, making it an exceptional choice for founders seeking swift and effective business connections. This private members club, designed as a refined Pavilion for enjoyment and entertainment, has historically attracted a diverse array of influential individuals. From academics to politicians,it’s an established private location of London’s business world.

One of Home House’s standout features is its “Turbo Networking” approach. Here, founders can expect introductions to experts and engaging elevator pitches specifically designed to promote and discuss business ventures and services swiftly. This focused approach streamlines the networking process, allowing entrepreneurs to efficiently connect with like-minded professionals who may be instrumental in their business journey.


Best for: women entrepreneurs
Membership Cost: £1,650 per year plus joining fee
Location: Mayfair, W1S 1PP

AllBright is a networking club tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs, and its founding story reflects its commitment to empowering women in the professional world. Established in 2017 by the visionary duo of Debbie Wosskow OBE and Anna Jones, AllBright was born out of a shared aspiration to equip women with the confidence and resources necessary to fully realise their potential as entrepreneurs.

At the heart of AllBright’s offering are its diverse networking opportunities. From Meet & Greet sessions that facilitate valuable connections to workshops and exclusive talks featuring prominent leaders and innovators, AllBright creates an environment where female entrepreneurs can engage, learn, and grow together.

AllBright extends its impact beyond physical events. The club produces a podcast series that amplifies the voices and stories of inspirational women in various industries. AllBright Digital also offers an academy stocked with an array of courses covering topics like scaling up, marketing strategies, and even integrating blockchain into businesses. This makes the club a genuine learning business playground.

The Club at The Ned

Best for: meeting other entrepreneurs in a relaxed social setting
Membership Cost: £3,465 per year
Location: 27 Poultry, EC2R 8AJ

The Club at The Ned is an exceptional private members club, offering a relaxed and social setting that’s perfect for connecting with entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals. Established in 2017 within the iconic former Midland Bank headquarters and founded by Nick Jones, the visionary behind Soho House, it boasts a rich history and a vibrant atmosphere.

What sets The Club at The Ned apart is its unique blend of networking and leisure. Members not only have access to premium workspace facilities but also gain entry to an array of exciting events, from rooftop pool parties to cocktail masterclasses and thought-provoking talks. This fusion of work and play creates an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to build meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate with peers.


Best for: access to diverse network of entrepreneurs
Membership Cost: From £300 per member
Location: Multiple locations across London

SecondHome stands out as a private members club for networking with a diverse group of entrepreneurs. The club’s commitment to inclusivity is evident through its deliberate efforts to ensure that its members come from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. This diversity serves as a catalyst for cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration.

SecondHome’s environmentally conscious approach, powered by 100% green energy, aligns with contemporary sustainability goals. The club’s all-access cultural program, featuring events with world-class thinkers and creative visionaries, fosters a vibrant intellectual atmosphere. SecondHome’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and sustainability makes it a prime destination for networking and collaboration among entrepreneurs seeking a diverse and innovative community.


Best for: Social Impact focused entrepreneurs
Membership Cost: £2000 per year plus £350 joining fee
Location: Covent Garden, WC2H 9JA

Conduit emerges as an exceptional private members club for entrepreneurs driven by social impact, and its unique mission makes it an ideal haven for those dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. The club’s distinctive purpose-driven community is composed of individuals spanning a wide spectrum of professions, from entrepreneurs and activists to artists and academics.

What truly distinguishes Conduit is its access to over 200 yearly impact programming events, ranging from intimate fireside chats to panels and debates featuring world-class speakers and global experts. Conduit is meticulously designed to inspire, educate, and connect its members around the pursuit of solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. With a mission to convene a collaborative community that scales and accelerates solutions to these challenges, Conduit is the ultimate destination for social impact-focused entrepreneurs seeking a dynamic and purpose-driven network to effect meaningful change.


Best for: Scaleups
Membership Cost: Not disclosed
Location: 2 Stephen St, W1T 1AN

Helm is tailored for scale-up founders, making it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs navigating the complex journey of business growth. With access to a thriving community of over 400 like-minded founders, Helm provides an invaluable platform for rich discussions, fostering deep connections through founder-only events and expert-led digital gatherings. This vibrant exchange of ideas allows members to crowdsource advice, tap into peer experiences, and engage in meaningful peer learning opportunities that propel both personal and business growth.

Helm’s unique forum system, where members join groups of 6-8 peers guided by an experienced chair, creates an intimate and supportive environment for candid discussions and problem-solving. Beyond this, Helm offers pay-as-you-go overnight trips, adding an element of relaxation and recreation to the entrepreneurial journey.

Boasting a 20-year legacy, formerly known as the Supper Club, Helm has consistently supported founders on their scale-up quests. It is an exclusive community that prides itself on fostering genuine connections, making it the ultimate destination for founders of scale-ups beyond £1 million in revenue.


London is replete with networking opportunities. From immersing yourself in a community of scale up founders to attending panels with entrepreneurs focused on social impact, there’s a club out there for every type of entrepreneur. As you apply for membership, specially for those clubs that are more exclusive like Helm, make sure to put your best foot forward.

The serendipity of a business network can help propel your business to the right stages to achieve sustained growth. Fostering those connections will prove invaluable as you work on your business projects.

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