Eazi-Apps: The franchise opportunity

Mobile apps technology franchise Eazi-Apps shares their unique business opportunity for franchisees

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Franchise: Eazi-Apps
Description: Mobile apps and mobile websites business opportunity
Started in: 2012
Founder: Zakir Daud
No. of franchises: 20
Coverage: Worldwide
Average cost per franchise: £5,995 (+ VAT where applicable)
Website: www.eazi-apps-business.co.uk and www.eazi-apps.co.uk

With 75% of the world’s population now mobile subscribers and predicted growth of 1000% in the mobile apps industry by 2015, Eazi-Apps founder Zakir Daud spotted a huge business opportunity in the mobile technology space.

After working in the franchise industry for over seven years, previously running a business with over 80 franchisees, he combined his existing franchise experience with this emerging market space to create a franchise opportunity unlike any other.

Offering mobile apps and HTML5 websites for businesses, licensees are able to use the Eazi-Apps platform, which is available in 18 languages, to create easy-to-use mobile solutions for businesses worldwide.

After launching just last year, the business already has 20 franchises and is rapidly expanding. With franchises available from just £5,995 Startups caught up with Daud to hear more about what they’re looking for in potential franchisees and the business’ plans for growth.

Moving into franchising

So how did Eazi-Apps move into franchising?

With an intimate understanding of franchising and delivering, helping and supporting a network of franchisees since 2006, this was really the best way for Eazi-Apps to penetrate the market as quickly as possible.

Where did the business open its first franchises?

Mobile apps and mobile websites were first sold directly from our head office to local businesses in Leicester.

How successful were those original franchisees?

This is a very new and unique opportunity where individuals can set up their own mobile app business without any technical or design experience.

The franchise opportunity

What makes the franchise different / unique?

Eazi-Apps takes care of all the heavy lifting allowing their franchisees to focus and develop their customer base. This includes:

  • Two days in-house training
  • Set up of easy to use platform with drag and drop interface
  • Email and telephone support, advice, guidance and sales strategies
  • Beautiful website to help you sell your services and full branding (which is constantly being updated)
  • Weekly blog updates
  • Sales video examples of live apps
  • Centrally updated Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Marketing and sales training
  • Access to lots of bespoke marketing materials (PDF’s, PowerPoint’s, videos etc.)
  • 500 business cards and 1000 brochures
  • Stationary (letterheads, proposal templates, intro letters, email templates and much more)
  • Dedicated email address that we also set up on your mobile devices
  • Live example apps from various industries that give you instant credibility
  • Demo apps from 20 different industries
  • Advice on setting up integrated accounting systems
  • Set up of CRM system and bespoke customisation for your app business
  • Advice on set up of direct debit payment collection system
  • In house artwork and design service (app build service, artwork service and simple image service for demo apps)
  • Approved developer status with iTunes and Google Play (we take care of the full publishing process on your behalf)
  • Protected members resource area
  • Video tutorials

What services do you offer?

iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android apps, HTML5 mobile websites.

How big is the market opportunity?

The market opportunity is huge. A record number of 700 million smartphones were shipped in 2012 – a 43% growth on 2011 numbers. Over 75% of the world’s population are mobile subscribers and the mobile app industry is forecast to grow by over 1000% by 2015. In just over three years, over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.

Over 95% of our target audience do not have an iPhone, iPad, Android or HTML5 mobile website.  Our potential business clients include hair salons, restaurants, solicitors, bars and clubs, accountants, health spas and almost every small business out there.

How many franchisees does Eazi-Apps have today?

20 and growing.

How is the brand marketed?

Online, via the search engines, business networking and targeted calling.

How do you divide the regions?

There are no geographical restrictions and our licensees can market as far and as wide as they want. We are awarding a limited number of licenses. Also our platform is in 18 different languages.

The perfect franchisee

What does Eazi-Apps look for in potential franchisees?

We are looking for individuals who can demonstrate entrepreneurial flair, ambition, responsibility, dedication and are well organised with a good attitude.

So do franchisees work from an office, or are they home-based? Is it part-time or full-time?

This can be a full-time or a part-time opportunity and our licensees typically work from home.

How are franchisees vetted?

We have an application form that interested parties can submit where we ask about their background, their history, what they are looking for in a new business and what their expectations are.

How much do franchisees pay and what are the ongoing franchise fees?

The set up cost includes a one-off £5,995 charge and then an ongoing £200 per month. This includes a franchisee’s first 10 apps. The £200 per month is fixed until the first 10 iPhone apps are published to iTunes. After the first 10 apps, additional apps will incur a fee of £20/month.

How do franchisees finance the purchase – what arrangements does Eazi-Apps have in place with banks?

Franchisees tend to fund their franchises with personal savings or borrowings. We do not have any specific arrangements with banks.

Success and growth

How successful are some of the franchisees today?

Although it is very early days we are already publishing apps for our licensees and the response has been excellent.

How is the brand looking to grow?

The brand is looking to grow domestically and internationally.

What is the potential of the business?

The business potential is huge considering the penetration of smartphones. The app space has grown fast and aggressively and there is a huge gap in the market for small to medium sized businesses to take advantage of this new mobile technology.

What will the challenges be in achieving that?

The challenge is being able to manage the growth of Eazi-Apps and ensure that our licensees continue to receive an exceptional level of service and back-up.

What awards has the business won?

None to date.

To what extent are the founders involved today?

Full time.

Finally, is the company a British Franchise Association (BFA) member?


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