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What to expect filing a patent to cost

A look at the costs and discounts available

Patent costs

It is free to file a patent application through the IPO, however to process a patent application it will cost between £230 and £280.

The costs are split into three fees:

  • Form 1 – £30
  • Form 9A – £150
  • Form 10 – £100

However, if you apply online you can get the following discount:

  • Form 1 – £20
  • Form 9A – £130
  • Form 10 – £80

Although the total Intellectual Property Office fees up to grant are only between £230 and £280, there are other costs! Patent attorneys' fees, renewal fees as well as the possible cost of enforcing your patent will add significantly to this initial cost. The IPO grants patents. It does not make commercial judgements on those patents that are granted.

It could cost £31,000 to get patent protection across Europe; a simple dispute could cost over £200,000 if not resolved out of court. Any business needs to carefully consider these costs and the other options: sell the patent, or possibly licence the technology.


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