10. i-stay

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Founder: Anneka Chauhan
Founded: August 2012
Website: http://i-stayput.com

Founded just two years ago, i-stay, ‘the bag strap that stays put,’ has already made a name for itself in the luggage industry. Founder Anneka Chauhan, a regular commuter, came up with the idea after she ran to catch a train and her bag slipped, causing her to drop hot coffee over herself. She came home with the aim to purchase a non-slip bag but searched the internet to no avail, so, out of what she calls ‘necessity’, the i-stay was born. Composed of a webbed shoulder pad and non-slip plastic compound the one of a kind patented product has proved a major hit, with the business on set to achieve £3m turnover this year. Major luggage retailer Antler recently partnered with the firm to include the bag strap on its bestseller ultimate traveller bag and the strap has received backing from the College of Chiropractors. With regular press coverage and a host of high street stores, including Ryman, as its clients, the company has ambitious growth plans for the next year. Currently extending its range to include a variety of colours, this bag-strap business looks set to progress without a slip!

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