31. Love Home Swap

The online service making it easy for holiday makers to swap homes with other members

Founder: Debbie Wosskow
Founded: October 2011
Website: www.lovehomeswap.com

The tourism sector may seem an unlikely place to look for start-up success during a worldwide recession, but would-be holiday makers are keener than ever to save money and entrepreneurial opportunities have sprung up accordingly. Love Home Swap allows homeowners to swap or rent tens of thousands of homes from holidaymakers worldwide, saving them significant money on hotel bills in the process. The market is a large one, as evidenced by the success of US-based competitor Airbnb, and founder Debbie Wosskow’s firm has already attracted more than 40,000 members. Revenue is generated from annual membership fees as well as commission from booked rentals. With ambitions to become the world’s largest social travel club, with over 100,000 property listings, Love Home Swap is well-positioned to make the most of being at the forefront of a new concept in travel.

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