35. propertECO Ltd

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Founders: Martin Freeman and Rebecca Kench
Founded: July 2011
Website: www.properteco.co.uk

Previous Startups Awards ‘Trades Business of the Year’ PropertECO landed itself a huge contract within its first weeks of existence – a testament perhaps to the importance of finding a niche in a competitive market. The company specialises in making buildings healthier and more sustainable, but has built a reputation on its focus on reducing radon levels to improve indoor air quality. The naturally occurring radioactive gas can accumulate inside buildings and long-term exposure can lead to lung cancer; yet very few existing companies offered radon testing or knew how to reduce it. Over 20 years in the field meant co-founder Martin Freeman was ideally placed to fill this gap, and since winning that initial tender early on in its life, the company has seen significant demand for its consultancy and contracting work. If that wasn’t enough, Freeman and co-founder Rebecca Kench are also working to bring their own radon monitoring equipment to market.

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