47. BubblePix

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Founders: Tom Lawton, Peter Corke, Stuart Varrall, Rob Todd and Gareth Edwards
Founded: April 2011 (launched September 2012)
Website: https://bubblepix.com/

The idea for BubblePix was first born when founder Tom Lawton travelled to India and longed to be able to bottle up and share his experiences via an image that had multiple perspectives. Created on the basis that ‘the world isn’t flat’, BubblePix enables users to capture and share immersive 360º images or videos in under a minute using simply their phone and an additional accessory, a ‘BubbleScope’. These recordings or ‘bubbles’ can then be uploaded and shared with the world in an environment which the founders say is ‘disrupting and democratising an old fashioned industry’. With a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter underway, a growth rate of 10,000 users a month and a new ‘gamechanging’ product coming soon, we predict big things for this innovative start-up. 

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