5. Hello Fresh

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Founders: Ed Boyes and Patrick Drake
Founded: January 2012
Website: www.hellofresh.co.uk

Hello Fresh seeks to transform the way people cook and eat and its unique service, which delivers healthy recipe boxes to enable its customers to ‘cook delicious dinners at home,’ has already began to transform Britain’s eating habits. The online subscription service enables users to choose a box of three-five meals from a selection of ranges and portioned ingredients, from seared steak salad to Dorset pastry tarts, and have it delivered to their door the same day. With ingenious step-by-step recipe cards and photographs included with the boxes, Ed Boyes and Patrick Drake are making it easy for people to not only make meals from scratch, but, to learn how to become better cooks. Young entrepreneur Boyes, who graduated from Oxford with two start-ups already under his belt, had a keen passion for food and after meeting experienced chef Drake, the duo launched their grocery service with a twist. With £2m turnover for its first year and thousands of customers; the business delivered three million meals in 2012, the company looks set to succeed in its mission to enable and encourage Britons to eat fresh.

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