52. Tea Monkey

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Founder: Tracey Bovingdon
Founded: May 2010 (launched April 2011)
Website: www.tea-monkey.com

Has the UK really ditched the tea to become a nation of coffee drinkers? A look down any town centre high street would certainly suggest so, but Tracey Bovingdon believes that among the frappucinos and macchiatos, there’s space in consumers’ hearts and wallets for a chain devoted entirely to the good old cuppa. Offering over 40 different types of tea in each café, along with coffees and fresh food, Tea Monkey so far has found success with a partial franchise model, with 60% of its stores being driven by franchisees. Enquiries have also been received from international partners, an area of future expansion along with a ‘hospitalitea’ (or wholesale) range. The business has so far grown with the help of private equity investment, and Bovingdon has focused on setting the brand apart with its range of teas, quality food and family-friendly ethos. 

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