55. 23 Snaps

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Founders: Ivailo Jordanov and Yury Tereshchenko
Founded: June 2012
Website: www.23snaps.com

With the tagline ‘created by parents for parents’, Ivailo Jordanov and Yury Tereschenko came up with the idea for 23 Snaps while Jordanov’s wife was pregnant. Seeking to share this important time with their loved ones who all lived in different locations, the duo wanted a way to store and share photos, videos and updates somewhere that only their family and closest friends could access. Unable to find an adequate solution, the pair spotted a potential market opportunity and 23 snaps was born. Having grown rapidly since its launch with hundreds of thousands of global users, the company specialises in a free mobile app which enables parents to privately share photos and family albums, videos and text updates online. It also provides the option of photo printing so users can have physical copies of their favourite content. Currently available on iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows 8 and online, the young company is looking to create lucrative partnerships to enhance its market reach.

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