59. Core 150 International

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Founder: Michael Devlin
Founded: May 2012 (launched August 2012)
Website: www.core150.com

The Core150 brand is a built on a patented shaker bottle in which powder supplements are measured exactly, and transported in an easy and hygienic manner. According to founder Michael Devlin, existing products pre-Core150 were poorly designed and required users to guess the measurements of their dietary supplements – something that could cause health problems. Since launch in August 2012, Devlin has secured exclusive distribution partners in Ireland, areas of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, UAE, the US and the UK. Retail partners are already numerous and include Rebel Sports, Elverys sports, GNC UK nationwide, Holland & Barrett UK nationwide, and Amazon. With wholesale and B2C revenue streams and contractual agreements totalling £1.6m for 2013, it is no wonder that Devlin now feels his business is well-positioned to grow both in terms of brand and its product offering.

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