67. Digital Shadows

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Founders: Alastair Paterson and James Chappell
Founded: May 2011
Website: http://digitalshadows.com/

The London-based cyber-monitoring service enabling companies to secure their digital footprints has achieved a lot since its beginnings at the Fin Tech Innovation Lab. Created out of a need to protect the security and reputation of corporates with the growing use of social media, mobile and the cloud, Digital Shadows uses advanced algorithms to alert clients of any critical information that is exposed online. With many tier-1 banks and large financial organisations signed up to its service and innovation awards from SWIFT and Cisco last year, the company is a model example of how an idea, with the support of an incubator programme, can become a successful business. Alastair Paterson and James Chappell, who have extensive experience in information intelligence and ‘big data’ risks, are now negotiating their first venture capital round and are looking to branch out to America.  

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