69. Hassle

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Founders: Alex Depledge, Tom Nimmo and Jules Coleman
Founded: March 2012 (launched June 2012)
Website: www.hassle.com

Ex-management consultants Alex Depledge, Tom Nimmo and Jules Coleman have created a site through which consumers can easily find, compare and book cleaners, and it’s already clear that Londoners were more than ready for such a service. Teddle allows the user to book in real time and choose from a local pool of vetted and background-checked cleaners, and has established hundreds of relationships between customers and providers this year alone. Revenue stems from a fee paid by cleaners for finding a regular customer, and 10% of the value of the booking for one-off cleans. So far the start-up has found success by streamlining its offering to just cleaning services, an area which does not contain a lot of competition. The co-founders are now intent on proving their business can scale beyond London and hope to have rolled out in five further cities by the end of the year.

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