80. BrightMove Media Limited

The advertising firm which has found a niche in London cabs

Founders: Piers Mummery Christian McGuinness and Craig Holloway
Founded: December 2012
Website: www.brightmovemedia.com

Outdoor advertising is a huge industry, and you’d think there were very few untapped opportunities for advertisers to sell their wares, but the co-founders of BrightMove Media are capitalising on an opportunity offered by the humble London cab; selling digital advertising on LED screens that are fitted into licensed black taxis. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy: it took three years to achieve regulatory approval from Transport for London, and a significant amount of development has been carried out in-house. But the company now has a first fleet of 25 taxis, and is working with all of the major media planning and buying agencies in the UK. Having raised seed investment of £680,000 from business angels, BrightMove Media has big ambitions to scale the fleet size and eventually expand internationally. 

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