81. Powered Now

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Founders: Benjamin Dyer and Chris Barling
Founded: January 2012 (launched April 2013)
Website: http://powerednow.com/

Having sold admin solutions to thousands of small businesses in their previous start-up, Benjamin Dyer and Chris Barling had all the necessary expertise to launch Powered Now, a business admin platform available in app and tablet form for the field trade world. The idea for the service was inspired by the pair’s experience of working with tradesman who struggled with the lack of solutions available to them; Dyer specifically recalls a builder that handed him an invoice on a Disney children’s notepad! The duo quickly realised that there was a growing demand for a solution that would computerise paperwork and red tape, and one that could be distributed quickly, and the company’s new infrastructure is now disrupting a previously limited market. Having launched its ‘game changer’ monthly subscription service just a few months ago, the business already has over 300 users and was recently awarded the accolade of best app at The Next Web conference. The company is now looking to secure investment to ramp up the commercial side of the business. 

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