83. Flooved

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Founders: Hamish Brocklebank and Nicolas Philippe
Founded: August 2011 (launched April 2013)
Website: www.flooved.com

For many university students, course textbooks are often one of their biggest financial outlays and are famously prohibitively expensive – but Flooved aims to shake up this model, offering maths and physics undergraduates a complete package of course notes, lecture materials and textbooks written by leading professors across the globe for free. One of Startups’ Top 20 Startups of 2012, the company now employs 12 people and has already seen more than 4,000 students sign up to the service in the four weeks since its launch. Despite a commitment to the core service remaining free, the founders plan to monetise the offering through in-site advertising and the introduction of paid-for premium features such as online tutoring and group study modes. Following the imminent start of the next academic year Flooved expects to dramatically increase its userbase, turn a profit and establish itself as the world leader in open-source educational resources.

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