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Founders: Viraj Ratnalikar, Ed Winters Ronaldson and Henry Kirkness
Founded: May 2014
Website: www.carquids.com

Spawned as many good ideas are while sitting in a pub, friends Viraj Ratnalikar, Ed Winters Ronaldson and Henry Kirkness noticed all the taxis going past with adverts; and the many more cars without. It’s not hard to work out what occurred to them – would drivers and brands advertise on ordinary motorists’ cars?

After some initial research with motorists proved they were happy to offset costs to place adverts on their cars, the company now has 5,000 registered drivers just one year after launch. Advertisers pay Car Quids to select appropriate cars, which are then professionally fitted with vinyl stickers. The firm monitors the campaign and provides brands with analytics and data to evaluate performance, with part of the revenue going to drivers.

As well as the 5,000 drivers and a few fleets brands that are signed up to the service, advertisers such as easyCar Club (part of the easyGroup) and global hotel chain Taj Hotels have jumped on the opportunity to get easy and affordable exposure. Car Quids will soon be raising an investment round through Seedcamp to fuel growth across the UK, and, once they’ve “succeeded with cars”, the young entrepreneurs will be turning their eyes to other potential “passive spaces” calling to be advertised on. Watch this space.

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