15. MOVE Guides

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Founder: Brynne Herbert
September 2011 (launched July 2012)

Focused on moving global talent, MOVE Guides’ cloud-based HR service enables companies to manage new hires, employee relocations and fixed-term employments using “never before used technology” – a claim which its founder, 31 year-old Brynne Herbert, proudly asserts.

A former investment banker for Lehman Brothers and Standard Charter operating across the Asia region, it was on moving to the UK to an apartment with no hot water, no internet and no bank account that Herbert found herself asking the question ‘Why is it so hard to plan a move and so easy to plan a holiday?’ This question would mark the lightbulb moment for MOVE Guides and, after completing an MBA at London Business School and closing £1.5m funding, Herbert was able to turn her initial idea into a business offering; and an attractive one at that.

Since featuring in the 2014 Startups 100, MOVE Guides has become the favoured HR relocation solution for high-profile firms such as Tesco, Survey Monkey, King and Societe Generale, and now supports staffing moves to over 100 cities across six continents.

With a team of 45 staff and growing, MOVE Guides is making noticeable headway in London’s tech scene and its early success has not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year, Herbert was selected as one of 19 top female tech start-up chief executives to attend an exclusive trip to Silicon Valley following a roster of industry awards.

In October 2014 the company raised $8.2m Series A funding and now plans to grow its international team, add to its client portfolio, and is even eyeing up a Series B round. Impressive stuff.

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