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Founders: Martin Campbell, Robert Drury, Stuart Dawson, and Eamon O’Dwyer
Founded: January 2014 (launched November 2014)
Website: www.ormsbystreet.com

Ask many entrepreneurs and small business owners what their biggest challenge is and they’ll often say the same thing: cashflow. Upon realising that existing products were inadequate, and that many start-ups and banks struggle to communicate, Martin Campbell, Robert Drury, Stuart Dawson, and Eamon O’Dwyer decided to build on the knowledge and data of their previous credit-score subscription product and develop a next generation model.

Ormsby Street’s CreditHQ is a free tool that integrates multiple data sources to help small businesses understand the financial health of trading partners and improve cashflow. Basic subscription is free and grants access to more than seven million company records, while standard subscription costs £25, providing more detailed credit and payment scores and up to date information on net worth assets, liabilities and adverse credit events.

Having already secured an international bank deal across several countries and with impressive turnover to boot, the company has a clear vision in mind for the coming year. The business plans to continue the rapid growth of the product’s usage, launch internationally – the team were part of a UKTI delegation in the US – and release the latest version of its proprietary technology, with an ultimate aim to stop small business owners “losing sleep over cashflow”. A mission we think will go down very well with our readers…

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