52. KweekWeek

The all-in-one marketplace solution for events

Founders: Tina Mashaalahi and Mehdi Nayebi
December 2012
Website: www.kweekweek.com

Traditionally, promoting and managing events has involved an exhausting combination of multiple ticketing platforms, social networks, email marketing and analytics services. Founders of KweekWeek, Tina Mashaalahi and Mehdi Nayebi, saw an opportunity to offer all these tools in one, saving time and money for hosts.

The platform (and now app) is an events marketplace, helping organisers create customised events pages, manage sales and conduct marketing campaigns – while consumers have the advantage of one click/tap booking and the chance to follow promoters for the latest events news and deals. Organisers can pay a margin on their ticket sales, or opt for a more cost effective subscription package, paying a fixed fee regardless of revenue. More than 150,000 customers are currently signed up to the service, which features events from music festivals to art exhibitions and conferences.

Over the next year the company will capitalise on its UK success, expanding into European cities including Paris, Madrid and Barcelona – having already launched an operation in Istanbul. With the backing of £2.2m in angel funding, KweekWeek also plans to develop a more precise algorithm and hit 100,000 tickets sold per month by the end of 2015, taking turnover to an impressive £2.5m.


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