62. SMARTech energy

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Founder: Stuart Pearce
Founded: May 2014
Website: www.smartech-energy.co.uk

Energy: it’s essential but expensive, and it has a habit of wasting itself. Wiltshire-based company SMARTech energy helps commercial businesses develop a cost effective strategy for reducing their energy consumption by identifying where, when and how it is being wasted.

Founder and army veteran Stuart Pearce had previously worked in the vehicle fuel efficiency sector, but eventually decided that buildings would be far more viable, as they “do not move”. SMARTech energy uses site surveys and energy monitoring equipment to provide real time data and to identify abnormalities and leakages – aiming to help its clients achieve a 30-50% year-on-year saving and reduce their carbon footprint.

The company outgrew its initial growth plan for 2014, achieving turnover of £600,000, and is already projecting an impressive £1.2m revenue for 2015, after just a year of trading. Other goals for the coming year include a 50% increase in staff, a 20% increase in average project value and the development of a new range of market-led solutions, incorporating groundbreaking technologies.

Alongside its ambitious UK plans, this promising young energy start-up is also looking to become global over the coming year. Already in talks and arrangements with Europe and US-based technology developers, it seems Pearce’s ambition to become a £5m turnover business within four years is well within reach.

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