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Founders: James Codling and Paul Moravek
Founded: August 2013 (launched September 2014)
Website: www.venturefounders.co.uk

Businesses and investors alike have embraced the virtues of crowdfunding in recent years, leveling the playing field for smaller parties to get involved in exciting financial opportunities. Investment bankers James Codling and Paul Moravek admired the new format, but saw an opportunity to apply more traditional skills to enhance the existing market.

VentureFounders is an equity crowdfunding platform that presents investors with a range of curated and structured opportunities of between £250,000 and £2m in high-growth UK businesses. The company actively supports and nurtures it businesses through their fundraising journey, believing that raising capital is only the start. Companies are charged a success based fee once capital has been raised, and a profit share is taken once investors have had their original capital retuned.

Since launch last September, four fundraises totalling £4m have been completed through the platform, for Hiring-Hub, LabMinds, FreedMan and EcoHydra – with three further rounds currently in progress for Rockabox, freemarketFX and Feonic.

With a team that includes several industry leading professionals, and an old twist on a new investment model, this young company are set to revolutionise the crowdfunding market over the coming year.

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