72. Vape Emporium

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Founders: Andy Logan and Amar El-zayat
Founded: October 2013 (launched May 2013)
Website: www.vapeemporium.com

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and so is the need for the various products and paraphernalia associated with it. Vape Emporium is capitalising on this trend by developing, manufacturing and selling a range of quality devices, e-liquids and accessories.

After predicting the huge potential market demand and having noticed that consumers “weren’t being serviced properly”, founders Andy Logan and Amar El-zayat decided to give up stable employment to “do it themselves”. Vape Emporium sells products online and in its own and other bricks and mortar shops. The company also sources other products from around the world to ensure it’s up to date with the latest advances in the industry.

It’s clear Vape Emporium doesn’t just see its product as a fad, with stations in every shop allowing customers to sample the huge variety of flavoured e-liquids, and staff on hand willing to discuss each person’s individual requirements. Over the next 12 months the duo hope to launch a new website, introduce a more sophisticated sales system, open several new shops and develop and manufacture five new products. With Kate Moss one of the brand’s first customers, it seems Logan and El-zayat arrived at just the right time to capitalise on this ‘trendy’ and growing market…

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