75. Liquiproof

The innovative, eco-friendly fabric coating that’s protecting Britain’s (and soon the world’s) footwear

Founder: Caner Veli
Founded: January 2014
Website: www.liquiproof.co.uk

After becoming disillusioned with the number of expensive suits, shoes and ties being destroyed during his daily commute thanks to Britain’s unpredictable weather, founder Caner Veli decided it was time to tackle the issue. And so Veli, with a background in pharmaceutical science and business, started developing a protective coating to shield clothing from damaging weather conditions and the occasional spill.

The result was Liquiproof, a now award winning eco-friendly and non-toxic protective coating, which, after spraying it on your clothing or shoes, protects it against the weather and other substances – including oil, acid-based liquids and ink. Named one of our Top new businesses of 2014, Liquiproof’s shoe protector has secured placement in over 170 stores, including Office, Offspring, The Natural Shoe store, Birkenstock, and Urban Outfitters. The start-up impressively turned a profit in its first year and predicts that its revenue, after joining the Business Growth Accelerator Scheme and securing partnerships with leading fashion brands, will increase to £2.4m in the next 12 months. The entrepreneur, who hinted at taking part in a well-known TV show this year, also hopes to expand Liquiproof’s offering with more products as well as continuing its overseas market expansion with a presence already in Holland and the US.


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