93. Digital Radish

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Founders: Lorna Charlish and Renaye Edwards
Founded: April 2013 (launched November 2013)
Website: www.digitalradish.co.uk

Taking its name from the world’s “fastest growing vegetable”, Digital Radish is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency with a focus on digital and events.

After working client side in B2B for many years, founders Lorna Charlish and Renaye Edwards found they often didn’t get adequate support from their agencies, as they didn’t fully understand their business or market. After being approached by a contact who asked for help with his marketing strategy, the duo realised they enjoyed helping him “more than their day jobs”. Buoyed to launch their own venture, the pair used their understanding of what its like to be the client to launch Digital Radish, the kind of strategic marketing company Charlish and Edwards had always hoped for while working client side. Charging a retainer based on “value delivered rather than time”, the business has secured clients including Unity, FutureLearn and Acision.

Having completely self-funded the operation to-date, retaining a full 100% of the company between them, Charlish and Edwards will use the next year to put into motion ambitious growth plans, help their clients grow in new markets and recruit employees. The company is aiming to hit £2m revenue in three years, and with a unique insight into its clients needs, Digital Radish looks to have what it takes to be a major contender in the digital marketing space.

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