94. Seenit

The platform allowing organisations to turn their employees into mobile film crews

Founders: Emily Forbes and Max Werner
Founded: January 2014 (launched April 2014)
Website: www.seenit.io

While making a documentary about rhino poaching in South Africa, producer Emily Forbes attended a protest and realised the entire crowd were already documenting everything they saw on their smartphones. She saw the potential for organisations to harness this wealth of “real, personal, opinionated” footage and, with the help of co-founder Max Werner, Seenit was born.

The first of a couple of videotech businesses in the list, the collaboration platform allows brands to co-create videos with employees, consumers, experts and journalists, effectively turning them into a highly mobile film crew. Content is owned by the brands and can be carefully curated with time limits on shots and the ability to upload scripts. The company works on a pay-as-you-go subscription model, with add on options such as data analytics and visualisation. Seenit has worked with an impressive roster of organisations since launch including The BBC, STA Travel, Bacardi and Manchester City Football Club.

Having closed a follow-on funding round in January, bringing its total investment to £360,000 to date, the company is expanding its team and investing in tech and sales. The next year will also see the release of a self-serve model to push the platform out to start-ups and small businesses. The Startups team could be operating its own mobile film team in no time…


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