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Founder: Dr. Ganesh Rao
Founded: March 2010 (launched March 2015)
Website: www.rightclinic.com

Frustrated that he could compare car insurance online but not health clinics, when “surely your health is a lot more important”, Dr. Ganesh Rao quit his job at the NHS to set up RightClinic – an online marketplace run by doctors to compare and book health-related appointments.

The website currently features independent reviews and price comparison for laser eye and cosmetic surgery clinics, taking a commission for every booking. After starting the business with £50,000 in poker winnings, Rao was rejected by all five investors on Dragons’ Den when pitching for £100,000, however he later went on to secure £250,000 from VC firm Forward Partners in March 2015 – increasing the amount raised and doubling the business’ valuation.

The company currently works with big national chains including Optical Express and Ultralase as well as more than 300 independent clinics across the UK, and claims to have created £1.2m in new business from bookings through the platform. At an estimated £10bn, Rao says he’s only scratched the surface of this hugely lucrative market, and will use the next 12 months to expand into other sectors including eye tests, chiropractors and fertility clinics.

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