38. Netduma

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Founders: Iain Fraser and Luke Barlow
Founded: January 2011 (Launched December 2014)
Website: www.netduma.com

Battling with a congested network at university because their housemates would hog the bandwidth, Iain Fraser and Luke Barlow became determined to find a solution.

While studying for a PhD in computer science at the University of Nottingham, Fraser created an anti-flood, a feature that “completely eliminates” network congestion at home. On the back of this success, he began to develop more features that would eventually lead to the Netduma router: bespoke software that’s installed directly on to your router to reduce internet congestion and latency caused by excessive use of bandwidth. The Bedfordshire-based firm – nominated for Startups Awards Export Business of the Year – already sells to thousands of customers in 75 countries around the world, with the US accounting for 50% of demand and strong sales in Germany, France, Spain and the Middle East to name a few.

Currently focused on online gamers, Netduma has some exciting developments in the pipeline including partnerships with YouTubers who have a large influence in the gaming world – which could promote the product to millions.

Already with a significant international presence less than two years after launch, the company’s ambition of being on the majority of the world’s residential routers within the next five years doesn’t seem completely out of reach.

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