62. Enigma Recovery

The Birmingham-based software business helping the world’s smartphone users recover their lost personal data

Founder: Lee Parry
Founded: January 2013
Website: www.enigma-recovery.com

With more and more of our personal information stored only in a digital format, losing data can be disastrous – especially when that data is of a personal or valuable nature.

While working for a major US client, Lee Parry was asked to develop software that would recover deleted data from an iPhone – a service that was becoming increasingly popular. Spotting an opportunity, he then went on to launch Birmingham-based Enigma Recovery– which works on a business-to-consumer (B2C) model, selling software that helps people recover anything from photos, videos, text messages, calendar appointments, call history, contacts and even WhatsApp messages. To date, the company has sold its software – which is available for multiple devices and platforms – to more than 50,000 people globally and claims to be growing its user base at a rate of more than 278% a year.

Thanks to its rapid worldwide success, the firm has already teased a possible acquisition by a major global cyber security company sometime in the next year. With billions of devices now owned around the world, storing all manner of personal and private data, Enigma Recovery is well placed to take advantage of an enormous potential market. And having founded two previous businesses selling digital products to the mass market, Parry looks like the right man for the job.


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