74. HeadBox

The network for booking creative and inspiring spaces in London and beyond

Founder: Andrew Needham
Founded: April 2015 (Launched October 2015)
Website: www.headbox.com

It was at his previous company, social data analytics business Face, that Andrew Needham – who writes a start-up diary for the site – first noticed the difficulties of booking creative space. His team member struggled against an endless barrage of phone calls, emails, forms and contracts. There had to be a “better, simpler, faster way of doing it”, he thought.

And this early thought eventually led to him starting HeadBox, an online marketplace for creative, inspiring and offsite spaces, enabling guests to instantly search, book and pay all in one place. Similar to fellow entrant Vrumi (although not using homes), the service offers spaces for a range of needs including co-creation workshops, brainstorms, meet-ups, product and business launches, company meetings and get-togethers, as well as research, training and photography shoots. HeadBox charges the host 10% for every transaction and is completely free for guests. Currently, the platform features more than 2,000 spaces across London, with companies such as the BBC, Sony and Santander booking iconic locations including Searcy’s Somerset House, the Shangri-La Hotel and smaller “hidden gems”.

Currently growing at a rate of 1,000 spaces every month, HeadBox plans to capitalise on this success and roll out its platform across the UK and other international cities. The company has had a truly stellar six months or so – long may it continue.


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