86. Bioepic

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Founders: Dominic Wood, Dr. Richard Wood, Matthew Parsons and Peter Ropner
Founded: July 2014 (Launched June 2016)
Website: www.bioepic.co

Years of research into why natural diet allows some isolated populations around the world to avoid age-related rises in blood pressure led Richard Wood back to one famous saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It seemed foods rich in the antioxidant epicatechin like apples and cacao were hugely beneficial to cardiovascular health.

What started off as an idea to create a mass market epicatechin product evolved when they decided to marry it with an app that proved the product’s benefits. Bioepic claims to be the world’s first company to combine food and drink supplements with smartphone technology to track the effect they have on your health. What’s more, Bioepic claims its free fitness tracking app is more accurate than most wearable devices available, which is funded by revenue generated from sales of the supplement. The company’s first product is slated for a summer 2016 launch and has already attracted the attention of the “largest supplement distributor in the world”, as well as a number of other global distributors, who will promote the product across the US.

This should see Bioepic’s products stocked in major retailers across the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Provided the company can scale to meet this “explosive” growth, it’s in prime position to capitalise on a worldwide market worth billions.

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