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Founder: Tamara Rajah
Founded: August 2015
Website: https://livebetterwith.com/

Cancer treatments have advanced remarkably in recent years – from chemo to radiation and surgery – but there’s another area of cancer care that, in the words of serial entrepreneur Tamara Rajah, is “still very much in need of addressing”.

According to Rajah, cancer care for day-to-day symptoms and side effects such as persistent itching, a sore mouth, brain fog, pain, and nausea, is “seriously lacking” particularly as 90% of cancer patients spend their time outside of hospital.

Having witnessed the side effects of cancer treatment first-hand after her grandfather passed away from the disease, Rajah (a scientist by background) launched Live Better With, an online platform curating and retailing a range of non-medical products, including balms, books, and mobility aids, to bring relief from the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment.

Backed by VC firm Forward Partners and with offices in London and New York, the e-commerce start-up has already sold over 3,700 products to cancer patients, families and carers in the UK and US just nine months after launch.

With a growing customer base and visitor numbers of 160,000, it’s clear that Rajah’s business is filling a gap in the market and with it helping patients to better deal with the daily discomfort that cancer brings.

While growth is on the ascent, Rajah says she won’t feel like she’s succeeded absolutely until she has presented every cancer patient in the world with the practical advice and solutions to deal with each and every side effect in every territory globally. A big ambition but one which we can all get behind!

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