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Founders: Tim Phillips, Simon Dennis, David Holliday and Alex McEvoy
June 2013

In the past, large organisations have typically turned to the ‘Big 4’ consultancies for advice and delivery support but a lot of corporations are now looking for better value for money and innovative solutions. Gate One is helping to cater for this rising demand with its management consultancy service offered at a more attractive price point.

Launched by former consultancy specialists Tim Phillips, Simon Dennis, David Holliday and Alex McEvoy in June 2013, Gate One provides big brands with a small team of experienced consultants (referred to as ‘transformation entrepreneurs’). The team operates ‘hand in hand’ to tackle their clients’ most difficult transformation challenges and permanently change the way businesses work for the better.

Using the latest in cloud-based technology, and with its consultants operating remotely across the UK, Gate One says it not only offers companies “exceptional value for money” but provides innovation and expertise not available at bigger and older firms.

Determined to “build a world-class consulting firm which changes the rules”, the start-up has almost doubled in size since appearing in last year’s Startups 100 index with a team of 41 employees and revenues up 113%.

Over the next 12 months, it plans to add at least three more blue-chip clients to its portfolio and will also be investing in the digital transformation side of the business.

Despite the challenges of sourcing the right quality of consultants to work with its clients, Gate One believes it is well on its way to becoming the “new standard by which consultancy firms are built and measured.”

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