2. Neos

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Founder: Matt Poll
Founded: 2016
Website: neos.co.uk

Neos is unique in our top five as the only entry not to have appeared in any of our previous indexes.

All the more impressive, then, that it’s come straight in at number two.

It shouldn’t be hard to see why: Neos exemplifies many of the key factors we look for in a Startups 100 company: it’s innovative, it’s disruptive, and it’s a little bit hard to explain…

When Neos first introduced smart home insurance four years ago, it was a novel concept in a highly competitive market. Nevertheless, giving policyholders the power to not just find cover for accidents, but proactively prevent them by always being connected to their homes proved to be a winning idea.

Founded by Matt Poll in 2016, Neos has since developed a suite of smart home technologies and services that enable its customers to look after their homes directly from their smartphones.

This includes an indoor security camera, leak detectors, motion sensors, and a smart smoke alarm. Customers can either buy them separately, or buy the whole portfolio of products together, alongside smart property insurance from leading insurance partners.

The whole thing adds up to a comprehensive home security package that gives its customers peace of mind, wherever they are.

Neos saw its retail arm grow exponentially in 2019, achieving a 100% increase in customer acquisitions to surpass 150,000 in less than a year. In 2020, it’s aiming to double that figure.

You could say that Neos’s market-leading position is as safe as houses.

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