21. Howamigoing

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Founders: Julian Cook and Kim Monney
Founded: 2018
Website: howamigoing.com

Howamigoing addresses the lack of nurturing ‘feedback culture’ in business – understanding the significant impact this has on productivity and staff retention. Founders Julian Cook and Kim Monney noted that a key factor in early resignations is a lack of recognition for an employee’s work, and that more regular performance feedback increases staff confidence levels – as well as a business’s profitability.

Cook and Monney created the feedback platform as a safe space for employees to be constructive about their own and their colleagues’ work – without fear of offending, and with no repercussions to their career (remuneration-independent). Its features allow both team members and leaders to give and request feedback, recognition and praise as well as ask important questions.

The company’s commitment to ensuring its platform is user friendly and accessible certainly makes Howamigoing stand out. After discovering that 70% of UK businesses don’t use feedback software due to expensive contracts and complex onboarding, the company released a self-onboarding, Freemium platform in March 2020, addressing this problem head-on. Howamigoing also prides itself on the beautiful design and top-notch user experience of its product.

Howamigoing has already seen international success in the UK and US, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It now has several well-known companies as clients on its books.

Having been featured in the Startups 100 already in 2019, they’ve managed to climb 40 places in our rankings for 2020. And it doesn’t stop there. With exciting negotiations and potential partnerships on the horizon, it seems that Howamigoing’s responsiveness to the market and dedication to offering superior user experience will see even bigger growth and success in 2021.

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