23. Whitehat

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Founders: Sophie Adelman and Euan Blair
Founded: 2016
Website: www.whitehat.org

If you want to apply for the very best jobs, it’s something of an unspoken rule that you have to go to university first. For Sophie Adelman and Euan Blair, there’s something seriously wrong with this system – which is why they decided to change it.

According to Adelman and Blair, this entrenched emphasis on university study is harmful to both students or employers. As many will be all too aware, university is not always accessible to young people from under-represented backgrounds.This injustice is what inspires WhiteHat to offer tailored apprenticeships that rival the learning experience at elite universities.

WhiteHat’s fierce and genuine approach to driving change at a societal level is what sets it apart from other mealy-mouthed enterprises. It’s looking to completely redefine the way that employers recruit entry level talent, by changing attitudes towards apprenticeships and addressing the poor representation of individuals from BAME and certain socio-economic backgrounds.

Adelman and Blair’s vision is to make access to the workplace fairer, particularly for those who traditionally face professional barriers. WhiteHat looks to disrupt the apprenticeship landscape in two ways: by developing and offering high quality education and training material, and by giving young people access to a thriving on- and offline community, similar to a peer community you’d expect at university. It partners with world-class content providers and utilises cutting-edge tech to educate young people, match them with ideal roles, and “shape the diverse workplaces of the future”.

With fewer young people looking to go down the university route, and more employers understanding the importance and value of championing diversity, WhiteHat is already leading the charge towards meaningful, positive change in the UK’s professional and social landscape – and shows no signs of breaking stride.

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