Best Use of Technology Award 2005

eCourier Ltd

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About the business

eCourier was founded in 2003 by two university friends, Tom Allason and Jay Bregman. Operating in the same-day courier market, the company executed it’s first delivery on the 14th September 2004 and is now the fastest growing deliver company in the UK. One of the key components to their success is an intelligent dispatch system they developed code named AIBA.

Judges’ comments

eCourier offers a great service built on world-class technology. Their integrated system features an intuitive and exceedingly usable online booking system that maximizes levels of efficiency and also drives down prices. With their use of GPRS eCourier is able to give amazing levels of tracking, and with mobile technology like SMS they are also able to give immediate notifications of delivery. The judges were impressed with the current growth rates and excellent potential that eCourier represents.  

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