Best Use of Technology Award 2006


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About the business

82ASK provides a premier SMS text-answering service. The service provides expert answers to every question, on demand and on the go. Founded in September 2003 by Sarah McVittie and Thomas Roberts, the service employs research experts, known as ÎTexpertsâ to provide tailored ansers to all questions.

Judges’ comments

This was a simple, innovative service built on sound technology. 82ASK cleverly combines and uses two emerging technologies to provide a useful service to customers. There is also clearly a demand for a mobile search service. This demand is driven by changes to consumer behaviour which mean we want useful information on demand. The service has been growing at an average of 28% per month since launch and clearly has potential for future growth. They are currently pursuing partnerships with major media and Directory enquiry groups. The business is clearly scalable and has outstanding growth potential.

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