Innovative Business of the Year 2006

NutraTech Ltd

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About the business

NutraTech provides the UK’s first online and mobile phone weight management service called ‘Nutracheck’. The service helps people keep track of what they eat at home, work and on the go. The system is based around a personal online food diary that links to an exclusive food database of over 30,000 items.

Judges’ comments

Nutratech have developed an excellent product that allows consumers to use everyday technology to manage their diets and keep themselves on a healthy path. The innovative Nutracheck service has been developed in response to a social trend and conscience of image and health. The product launch was well planned and leading suppliers such as Boots and O2 have been successfully partnered with. A new stand alone mobile phone version has been developed in 2006 and enables the customer to keep track even when they are away from their PC. Nutratech had achieved rapid growth in short timeframe and has clear expansion plans in place.

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