People’s Champion finalist 2017: Apolitical

Is the peer-to-peer platform connecting governments with the people and ideas to tackle society’s biggest problems your People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: Apolitical
Founders: Robyn Scott & Lisa Witter
Started in: 2015 (launched in 2016)
Based in: London
Business description: Peer-to-peer platform for governments

Shortlisted category:

The Founders Pledge Social Impact Award

The Apolitical story:

Robyn Scott & Lisa Witter thought it was crazy that a traveller “could find out about lumps in a mattress on the other side of the world through a holiday site, but a public servant couldn’t, just as easily, find out about known ‘lumps’ in a policy” – ‘lumps’ that could have huge implications for the world and its citizens.

To rectify this, they founded what is thought to be the first global peer-to-peer platform for government: Apolitical.

The start-up helps public servants find the ideas, experts and partners necessary to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing global society such as inequality, climate change, women’s empowerment, cyber security, urbanisation or radicalisation.

Having been adopted by institutions in more than 90 countries around the world – including the UK government, the UAE government and Unicef – Apolitical has proved itself an invaluable tool for public servants and organisations alike.

Around $30 trillion is controlled governments around the world annually. Apolitical estimates that if 1% of this figure was spent 50% more effectively, it would unlock $150bn a year in cost savings or value creation for society. With this in mind, Apolitica’s aim is to unlock this 1%.

While an ambitious goal, the platform has already been used to brief heads of state, has helped regulate autonomous vehicles and has boosted economic opportunities for youths.

Set to launch paid membership in the first quarter of 2018, the company charges £100 for public service premium members and between £500 to £5,000 to small and medium-sized companies for membership and a company profile that showcases their products and services.

Why Apolitical made our shortlist:

Apolitical demonstrates the power of public servants and institutions to find solutions to the most pressing concerns facing societies around the world. Backed by an EU 2020 grant and with partners including The World Bank, the World Economic Forum, Chatham House and the Ash Centre, this is a serious business with serious potential.

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